About gerak independent
About Gerak Independent

The Independent Movement Initiative is to restore the power of the election of representatives to the people We will help the people by judging the election candidates before submitting the candidates to the people for judgement and election. The people can choose either to accept or reject them before the election. This is the people's right to election candidates. Besides the right to choose, the people also have the right to monitor the representatives of the people So, the representatives of the people should be responsible for the people, instead of the political elites.


We can start this initiative by choosing a small number of representatives of honest, capable, and have the same path along with pure values. We are confident, with this group, despite small numbers, will be able to control the direction of Parliament and also the Government. And we're going to raise this group in the next elections.

We hope the people can see our sincerity and dedication to the country. We wouldn't have made this initiative without your support. So support our efforts. Donation or participation. We welcome your contribution. This is because our movement is for Malaysians.

Contact us if you think you are the right candidate to serve the people. Offer yourself as representatives of the people for the country.

So there's no more YB-YB title. This is because Independent Movement candidates are public service for the people.

FORWARD would like to record high appreciation to all who attended our virtual media conference last Thursday. You can rewatch the conference through the following link: https://youtu.be/eDscMTL_Kfw

The following charts are the Independent Movement Renewal Agenda along with the process of election of representatives of candidates.

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