Charles Chow Chon Jin
Charles Chow Chon Jin
1. English Medium of instruction
2. No religion to be taught during main school hours
3. Set up good technical and vocational schools for those who are less academically-inclined.
4. Quality teachers based on meritocracy.
1. Amend the relevant parts of the Constitution so that the power of appointment of the Prime Minister rests with the electoral mandate, rather than the very subjective discretion of others in power.
2. Enact legislation to prevent party-hopping by MPs from frustrating the electoral mandate (and amend the relevant provision of the Constitution to enable this) and prevent the formation of backdoor governments.
3. Have a powerful Parliamentary select committee to oversee the Executive on financial matters and law enforcement.
1. Outlaw racism. Legislate that Malaysia is a secular State and there shall be no discrimination based on race and/or religion.
2. Make equality and non-discrimination the foundation of policies and governance.
3. Affirmative action to be needs-based and not race-based.
1. Enable good Parliamentary oversight on law enforcement including that law enforcers should be appointed based on merit and not on race or personal affiliations.
2. Close scrutiny by Parliament of all institutions of the Executive – its SOPs, structure etc to ensure proper governance.
3. Outlaw nepotism in all forms – express or insidious, strictly enforcing international standards on conflict of interest and governance etc.
1. Entrench these principles with proper policies and laws, entrench and implement the civil liberties guaranteed by our Constitution.
2. Sign and ratify international conventions such as ICERD.
3. Guarantee Freedom of the Press; including outlawing political parties from owning the Press.
1. Protect the Independence of the Judiciary. Amend Art 121 of the Constitution to return judicial power to the Judiciary.
2. Ensure the Judicial Appointment Commission is made up of people with integrity.
3. Make it compulsory for all judicial officers and judges to have learned constitutional law and be very familiar with our Constitution.
1. Pass the law to effect the Independent Police Commission.
2. Better training of police and law enforcement personnel.
3. Appointment and education based on meritocracy and not on race.
1. Restore what was promised under MA63.
2. Ensure better relationship – legal, financial and cultural with Sabah and Sarawak.
3. Ensure better protection of the native customary rights of the two States.
1. Make sure all civil servants, government officers, judicial officers, learn constitutional law and abide by the Constitution.
2. Amend relevant provisions therein to make it even better. Appoint a special commission to look into this.
3. Make sure everyone upholds and protects the Constitution, including Royalty.
1. Make laws and policies that entrench meritocracy. This will improve the economy and enhance Malaysia’s competitiveness in the international arena.
2. Employ civil servants based only on meritocracy, regardless of race.
3. Revamp labour laws especially those on foreign labour to ensure proper utilisation of manpower and that Malaysian wages are not depressed due to cheap senseless foreign labour.
1. Have a comprehensive poverty-eradication policy, based on merit and need rather than race.
2. Ensure that government expenditure is efficient so that there are sufficient funds for poverty eradication.
1. Ensure that they are well-educated.
2. Ensure that there is no gender discrimination in employment and other spheres.
3. Ensure there are enough jobs for them.
1. Improve our Healthcare system by applying meritocracy in educating and appointing healthcare workers.
2. Exert better control over private medical insurance especially in respect of senior citizens.
3. Scrutinise our welfare system better so that no one falls through the cracks and there is no abuse of funds.
1. Protect them well through legislation and better implementation of existing provisions in the Constitution.
2. Exert control over overzealous religious and government agencies who oppress minority rights.
3. Equality, justice, honest enforcement of the law – these will protect those rights.
Birth Date
24 Jun 1955
Birth Place
Klang, Selangor
Home City
Petaling Jaya
Retired Lawyer
  • LL.M (Distinction) University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur
  • LL.B (Hons) National University of Singapore
  • B.A. (Hons) English Literature & Language, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur
Professional Experiences
  • SVP Genting Malaysia
  • EVP & General Counsel AirAsia Berhad
  • Advocate & Solicitor
  • Journalist
  • Copywriter