KJ John
KJ John
Birth Date
06 Jul 1950
Birth Place
Home City
Petaling Jaya
Retired Government Servant
  • University of Malaya
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • George Washington University
Professional Experiences
  • Ex Government Servant
  • Civil Society Activist
Pursue excellence in Primary and Secondary education
- Raise passing grade for University entrance and standardize STPM and Matric equivalent
- A compulsory finishing school for all undergraduates for culture, courtesy, and values
- Promote transparency, openness, and full accountability in governance
- Disallow religious and racial discourse in public spaces
- Teaching of integrity values at SPM level for all students
- Legislate anti-bigotry laws
- Teach mutual respect and personal regard for "the other"
- Communitarianism or concern for the whole as the highest common denominator as a society
- Legislate MACC to report directly to Lower House of Parliament
- Establish independent integrity units in all government departments
- Make all department heads ultimately answerable to Public Accounts Committee of Dewan Rakyat
- Adopt and legislate all UN Human Rights standards
- Ratify all UN treaties
- Promote Amman accord as a Globally agreed standard for all nation
Legislate to make Judiciary as independent from the Executive
- Funding for Judiciary to be independent of the Ministry of Finance and placed under Trustee Board
- Attorney General to be shortlisted and approved by the Dewan Rakyat
- Set up and make IPCMC totally accountable to Dewan Rakyat
- Dewan Rakyat to make final choice of IGP
- Independent integrity units in all Police Districts and HQ Departments which report to IPCMC
- Reform MA63 and return to the original intent of framers of the federation of Malaysia Agreement
- Correct and update all historical historical errors of the MA63 to accommodate views and position of Sabah & Sarawak
- Review and amend FC to accommodate and make explicit the status and position of 3 equal partner states of Malaysia
- Reiterate and redefine Art 3 as the Supreme Law of the Federation
Reform article 121 (1A) to recognize FC is the Supreme Law of the nation state
- Revise and legislate, as needed, to reinstate "secular nature of the Federation of Malaysia
- Devise an economic agenda which makes all Malaysians equitable partners of development and growth
- Devise a needs-based development model
- Grow the B40 Economic agenda into a social justice one
- Define a minimum wage for the lowest category of workers
- Synchronize definition and understanding of "workers/labour/household helpers"
- Define a welfare net by districts and poverty levels
- Youth & women msut be redefined to establish equality of treatment with men
- The differentiation and definition of "Youth & Women" must be included in Federal Constitution
- As per global consensus the 30% participation rate for youth and women must become a goal
- A new financial model is needed for equitable Healthcare and Welfare
- Access of healthcare and welfare for the lowest levels must be guaranteed
- Identify, list, and recognize the more than 300 categories of ethnicities in Malaysia
- Basic human rights and privileges must be guaranteed to all 300 ethnicities
- All native groups must be accorded freedom of choice in their mode of life and living